♥Thanks from Jade♥

Sorry for keep you all waited!!
Here we got a thanks message from Jade!!^^

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Jade Valerie B-day wish 2013 Thanks e-card
Thanks from Jade 2013
「I want to thank everyone from bottom of my heart for the wonderful birthday wishes!! It means the world to me that you took the time to let me know you care!! All my sincerest gratitude! Jade」
意訳)素敵な誕生日メッセージをくれた皆に心から感謝してるわ!!皆が私のことを思って時間を割いてくれたことが何より嬉しいわ!!心から感謝を込めて! ジェイド

To Jade Valerie

We will always love you and be your fans forever♥

I have created facebook fanpage of Jade & Geo!!
This is for you and your fans♥
lots of love, Jadeholic

From ∞Aiko∞ (Japan) RES(返信)
Happy birth day,Jade!!!!

I'm sorry for the late to say.
I love you♡
Also from now on, I am a fan of your.
Good luck!
Fav song♥Unforgiven♡ ♥ Date2013/8/22 15:32 No.22 EDIT(編集) DEL
From ∞Leah∞ (USA) RES(返信)
Happy belated birthday, Jade! Praying that all is well with you, and I wish you well in everything you pursue!

Take care!
Forever a fan of your music,
Fav song♥Every Time, We Can Run ♥ Date2013/8/18 12:31 No.21 EDIT(編集) DEL
From ∞Luke Varley∞ (UK) RES(返信)
Happy Birthday Jade!
Sorry its a bit late but I hope you had a wonderful day :D
Can't wait to hear from you again and hope all is going well in your life ^_^

Lots of love,
Fav song♥Broken Lullaby ♥ Date2013/8/14 08:39 No.20 EDIT(編集) DEL
From ∞kazu∞ (japan) RES(返信)
HAPPY birthday Jade!!!
Best wishes for a happy birthday.
Not a single day passes without my listening to your songs.
I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

With love,

Fav song♥Read My Mind Life is cool Love ♥ Date2013/8/13 01:40 No.19 EDIT(編集) DEL
From ∞Matthew∞ (Canada) RES(返信)
Happy birthday Jade! I hope your day is filled with love and happiness. Hopefully we get to hear new music from you soon!
Date2013/8/12 23:12 No.18 EDIT(編集) DEL
From ∞tomomi&syuri∞ (japan) RES(返信)
Happybirthday JADE!
I love you♥

Please come back to FUKUOKA♪
It's my dream to go to JADE's live show with my daughter♥

Fav song♥For the lonely ♥ Date2013/8/12 13:28 No.17 EDIT(編集) DEL
From ∞takuya∞ (Japan) RES(返信)
happy birthday,jade!
I am hoping very much to be a wonderful year for you.

Listening to music every day of you, I have got the power from you. I am looking forward to your new album.

Love you,jade
See you soon
Fav song♥For The Lonely ♥ Date2013/8/12 08:40 No.16 EDIT(編集) DEL
From ∞Zain Jafery∞ (Holland) MAIL(メールアドレス) RES(返信)
Happy birthday Jade! I hope you have a blast today. Been a big fan for the longest time and still listen to your music a lot.

Your music inspires me and I hope to see a comeback someday, I really miss your voice. But above all, I wish you a wonderful day and a wonderful life.
Fav song♥1000 Words, For The Lonely and Goodbye ♥ Date2013/8/12 06:50 No.15 EDIT(編集) DEL
From ∞Yuka ks∞ (Japan) RES(返信)
HAPPY Bday Homie girl!!!!!!

I'd be there and celebrate with u! my heart is very very close to u!!
I wanna tell u, I always remember about u, Jade!!!

Love and Happy!!!
See you soon!!
Fav song♥Tuned Up,Crown Of Thorns,LOVE,Only Human ♥ Date2013/8/12 01:30 No.14 EDIT(編集) DEL
From ∞Sakuraria∞ (Japan) RES(返信)
Happy birthday, Jade !
I'm loving your songs.
And I'm fan of you and Geo's music forever.
Waiting your new album in JAPAN.
I wish that this year become best year for you.
Fav song♥AlwaysOnMyMind,EveryStep,Over&Over..more! ♥ Date2013/8/12 00:19 No.13 EDIT(編集) DEL
From ∞Naoko∞ (Japan) RES(返信)
Happy Happy Birthday Jade!!
How have you been?
I hope you enjoy your birthday with your special people!
I miss you and your voice in live . I always remember you when i listen your music in commuter train :) Im wating for your new music! keep singing please... Aishitemasu forever!!
All my love, Naoko xxx
Fav song♥Life Is Cool ♥ Date2013/8/11 22:14 No.12 EDIT(編集) DEL
From ∞Eriko∞ (JAPAN) RES(返信)
Happy Birthday Jade!!
I hope it will be a wonderful year for you.

I'm always encouraged by your songs.
I love you and your songs.

Forever your fan.
Fav song♥Beautiful, System Down, Here Comes The Sun ♥ Date2013/8/11 20:59 No.11 EDIT(編集) DEL